How to remove griefer objects when the Lindens aren’t around

I TPed into Sandbox Island Extension and noticed that there and in Sandbox Island some particle emitter cubes were sending out some really twisted photos, extreme animal cruelty, photos of dead and decomposing people and animals, severed limbs in pools of blood, etc. The owner was online so I sent him an IM as I always do (the names have been changed to protect the innocent).

[2011/03/19 21:12] GreenLantern Excelsior: Did you rez these particle spam objects in Sandbox Island Extension on purpose?
[2011/03/19 21:14] Resident: no i have been
[2011/03/19 21:14] Resident: trying 2
[2011/03/19 21:14] Resident: pickt hem up
[2011/03/19 21:14] Resident: a friend of mine tought it would be funny..
[2011/03/19 21:14] Resident: and idk how 2 pick them back up
[2011/03/19 21:14] Resident: iv been lagging
[2011/03/19 21:14] Resident: getting spammed
[2011/03/19 21:15] GreenLantern Excelsior: Is that Taven Korpov who gave them to you?
[2011/03/19 21:15] GreenLantern Excelsior: He’s the creator and previous owner
[2011/03/19 21:15] Resident: idk
[2011/03/19 21:15] GreenLantern Excelsior: I was just wondering because I don’t see you or him in the sim
[2011/03/19 21:15] Resident: i jsut got it formt he top
[2011/03/19 21:15] Resident: and they said
[2011/03/19 21:15] Resident: open it
[2011/03/19 21:15] Resident: and i dropped it
[2011/03/19 21:15] Resident: and asoona s i dropped i
t[2011/03/19 21:16] Resident: i crashed isntantly
[2011/03/19 21:16] Resident: i herd a bunch of like noises
[2011/03/19 21:16] Resident: then crashed
[2011/03/19 21:16] Resident: i logged back in
[2011/03/19 21:16] Resident: and i was at a welcoming center
[2011/03/19 21:16] Resident: is there a way you can help me
[2011/03/19 21:16] Resident: pikck them all up at once.
[2011/03/19 21:16] Resident: im having a problem
[2011/03/19 21:16] Resident: :/
[2011/03/19 21:16] GreenLantern Excelsior: Yes, I can friend you and you can give me permission to edit your objects, then I can delete them all.

I was waiting for him to stop typing so I could ask him about the friend request. He asked for help first, and this is why I always try to IM the object owner rather than just pulling the trigger on an AR. He probably expected to be banned, but instead he was treated with kindness and respect. So he sent me a friend request.

[2011/03/19 21:18] GreenLantern Excelsior: Okay, now if you go into Contacts, find me, and check the box that allows me to edit your objects.
[2011/03/19 21:18] Resident: okay
[2011/03/19 21:18] Resident: go for it
[2011/03/19 21:18] Resident: i tryed goign there
[2011/03/19 21:18] Resident: but cashed
[2011/03/19 21:18] Resident: i got hit with abucnh of things
[2011/03/19 21:19] Resident: so ic ant even take that shit up
[2011/03/19 21:19] Resident: but if u can give me them all
[2011/03/19 21:19] Resident: right now ill appreciate it greatly

I deleted a couple of his cubes just to test my new power, then let him know the good news.

[2011/03/19 21:20] GreenLantern Excelsior: It’s working!
[2011/03/19 21:22] Resident: it is?
[2011/03/19 21:22] Resident: đŸ˜€
[2011/03/19 21:22] GreenLantern Excelsior: I can’t seem to remove a couple of them
[2011/03/19 21:33] Resident: damn
[2011/03/19 21:33] Resident: will the autoreturn return them?
[2011/03/19 21:33] GreenLantern Excelsior: Okay I think I got them all now. The ones I couldn’t remove, I sent up to 4096 meters.
[2011/03/19 21:33] Resident: O.o
[2011/03/19 21:34] GreenLantern Excelsior: The autoreturn will get them and people at ground level won’t have to see those images. There was some sick stuff in there.
[2011/03/19 21:34] Resident: what was it
[2011/03/19 21:34] Resident: O.o
[2011/03/19 21:34] GreenLantern Excelsior: People chopped apart, a kitten on fire.

I was having trouble selecting several objects and deleting them all at once, because invariably I would select someone else’s object (other than Resident) and then the security setup wouldn’t let me delete anything. So I tried Tools > Select only Movable Objects, and that removed the other person’s pantyhose advertising board from the objects I could select. I also discovered that I was unable to delete some of the cubes, maybe because they were stuck at the sim boundary or in a no script zone. For those, I just changed their height to 4096 meters (as high as I could send them) and let them spam away up where no one was building. It was very slow work at the start, because the sim was lagged. I would select about 500 objects and hit the Delete key and then wait for about 15-20 seconds for something to happen. Half of the objects would disappear, so I would keep hitting Delete until they were all gone. Finally there were no more particle spam cubes in my draw distance, so I thought I was done. As soon as I started to fly to another part of the sim, I discovered that there were many more cubes that didn’t become visible from where I was standing. I had to fly all around the sim with particles turned on, looking for new cubes to pop into view as I got close enough to see them.

[2011/03/19 21:35] GreenLantern Excelsior: I found lots more of them in other parts of the sim.
[2011/03/19 22:48] Resident: chopped
[2011/03/19 22:48] Resident: kiteens
[2011/03/19 22:48] Resident: wtf!
[2011/03/19 22:51] GreenLantern Excelsior: There’s something else in here that’s putting spherical traps around people
[2011/03/19 22:52] Resident: O.o
[2011/03/19 22:52] Resident: sight

When I got around to the west side of Sandbox Island, I was suddenly enclosed in a copper-colored sphere with hundreds of objects inside it. Another sphere would appear instantly as soon as I deleted the first one. I noticed that there were spheres covering residents in other parts of the sim, too. Since the spheres appeared around the other residents and me faster than I could remove them, I decided to try to find the object that was rezzing them. Finally I decided that it was the particle spam cubes that were the source of the sphere traps, and that if I could remove all the cubes, no more spheres would show up. It was difficult and challenging, because the cubes kept rolling north from Sandbox Island Extension, and as soon as a new one showed up, residents would be caged again. I worked for probably another hour and finally got all the cubes removed from both Sandbox Islands. Later I saw Resident remove my power to edit his objects, which was fine by me.

It was the weekend, the Lindens are (as always) understaffed, and the sandbox would have been pretty much unusable at ground level with those nasty images flying around. If Resident hadn’t given me the power to edit his objects, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. This incident, in my mind, is yet another reason why Linden Lab should consider giving a group of resident volunteers the capability to use parcel powers on Linden land. We know how to fix these problems, so why not let us do it?

I was appalled by the depictions of animal cruelty in those textures. I believe that anyone found in possession of those textures should be permabanned, and the key for those textures should be removed from Second Life. What I saw transcends the category of animal cruelty and goes right to zoosadism, which is defined as pleasure derived from the mistreatment of animals. Zoosadism is a precursor to sociopathic behavior, and is practiced by most serial rapists and killers. Anyone who has those pictures in their inventory does not belong in Second Life.


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