The xChip Multitool – a peacekeeper opportunity

With the closure of the Second Life Teen Grid on New Year’s Eve 2010, thousands of residents will be moving to the Main Grid. According to the Linden Lab Transition FAQ, they will be bringing their Teen Grid inventory with them. In almost 14,000 cases, that will include an item called the xChip Multitool. The xChip offers an opportunity for peacekeepers like nothing we’ve ever seen before – the ability to become an administrator and remove objects created by a combat HUD – anyone’s combat HUD.

To get started, go and get a free xChip at Axel <176, 106, 71> (don’t TP into the default 128,128 location in Axel or you’ll be teleported home by someone’s security orb). Click the xChip vendor board and you’ll receive an xChip Helpcard, an xChip, and a “thank you” message that explains the help notecard and how to use the device. When you have it in your inventory, right click and wear it. By default, it’s attached to your left upper arm, but you can make it invisible. When attached, it runs 25 scripts and takes 1600 kb of memory. Just as a test, once you’re wearing it, type “x.pose” in local chat and watch a pose stand rez beneath your feet. Then type “x.clean” and watch the pose stand disappear.

When you type “x.clean,” you’ll notice that the xChip’s response is “xChip Cleaning up all objects…” This command works for any object rezzed by your xChip. It deletes all of your xChip objects in the region. Now isn’t that a nice addition to a multitool? Of course you or I would courteously delete anything we rezzed in someone else’s sim, but everyone doesn’t always remember to do that. Also, there are several attacks available in the xChip, and if the attacker rezzes a cage around someone and then crashes, it leaves the victim inside the cage. The thoughtful scripters of xChip have developed a solution – xChip Administrators. Fill in an application at the xChip website and if approved, you can become an Administrator and remove anyone’s xChip-rezzed objects. For those of us in and around the Linden sandboxes on a daily basis, Admin status would be a valuable addition to our toolbox.

I don’t want to give the impression here that xChip is nothing more than a playtoy for kids. It has some interesting and serious scripting in it, like a movelock, a flight assist, a way to chat with other xChip users in the sim, and an avatar scanner. One of the best features from a peacekeeper perspective is notification when another xChip user enters the sim you’re in. xChip also has the potential to litter the sandboxes with objects, to the point that residents may start to resent its users. We can help the owner by becoming system Administrators and keeping our grid free of abandoned xChip artifacts.

You can visit the xChip website here. Thanks very much to Thomas Shikami for pointing out this opportunity.

Here are some objects rezzed by xChip that we may start seeing in the sandboxes.

Temporary objects

xChip Boxes

xChip Boxes, physical and temporary

xChip Gummybear

xChip Gummybear, physical follower that pushes you around while singing the "Gummy Bear" song, temporary

xChip Loituma

xChip Loituma, physical follower that pushes you around while playing the "Loituma" song, temporary

xChip Poop

xChip Poop, physical and temporary (remember xChip is from the Teen Grid)

xChip Rickroll

xChip Rickroll, follower, repeats a clip from the Rick Astley song "Never Gonna Give You Up," temporary

xChip smoke bomb

xChip smoke bomb (particles last for about 60 seconds)

xChip You Are An Idiot

xChip You Are An Idiot, follower, repeatedly plays a clip from the sound file "You Are An Idiot," temporary

Objects that aren’t temporary

xChip Balls

xChip balls, physical and not temporary

xChip Beep

xChip Beep, transparent follower, physical, phantom, plays a continuous beeping sound, not temporary

xChip Dance floor

xChip Dance floor, flashing lights, not temporary

xChip Eyeball

xChip Eyeball, stationary, turns to look at the nearest avatar, not temporary

xChip Fire

xChip Fire, phantom, not temporary

xChip Hoverboard

xChip Hoverboard, not temporary

xChip Lost The Game

xChip Lost The Game, follower, not temporary

xChip Pie

xChip Pie, stationary, not temporary, looks delicious!

xChip Trap

xChip Trap, cager, transparent walls, will follow the victim anywhere in the sim if he tries to TP away, not temporary, also has the capability to annoy the victim with multiple simultaneous sound files, and can orbit the caged victim

xChip Workspace

xChip Workspace, 41-prim box, not temporary

xChip Zero Gravity Cubes

xChip Zero Gravity Cubes, physical, floating, not temporary

xChip Platform

xChip Platform, not temporary

xChip Large Platform

xChip Large Platform, not temporary

xChip Mega Platform

xChip Mega Platform, large megaprim, not temporary (owner was another xChip user in the sandbox)


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