Video – griefer attack response

My only YouTube video to date shows Linden Lab’s response to a griefer attack. Here is some information about the event:

  • Date/time: 2010-07-26 2213
  • Location of the attack: Sandbox Goguen
  • Abuser: Yearling Fanbridge
  • Responding peacekeepers: mighty lantern corps, The Green Lanterns
  • Responding Lindens: Sheldon Linden
  • Disposition: Griefer objects removed approximately 5 minutes after Abuse Reports submitted
  • Peacekeepers shown: GreenLantern Excelsior, Serena Shoreland
  • Music: Flameout by 101 Strings

Many of the Second Life griefer videos you’ll see on YouTube depict the beginning of the attack, but they never show what happens at the end. What you’ll see here is the red map beacon centered on Sheldon Linden (dressed in a pirate outfit), who is responding to the attack. Just as I cam in on Sheldon, he hits RESET on Sandbox Goguen. Instantly all of the griefer objects are gone. The griefer himself was permabanned and Sheldon went back to whatever he was doing before we wrote the Abuse Reports (ARs). Serena and I stood in Sandbox Cordova and watched as the residents came back and began building again. So this is the “other side” of griefing: the Peacekeepers write ARs, the Lindens fix the problem and ban the griefer, and everything is back to normal in a very short time. Normal for everyone but the griefer, that is. He’s toast.

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