The limits of Second Life

Yesterday the White Tiger Mentors group chat came to life with a request for information: 1. hello Tigers :) pls.. does anybody knows how many words or characters a notecard support? if there is such a thing… :) What’s the answer? … Continue reading

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Lantern Alliance live help channel is online

Are you looking for someone who will help you with a griefer problem? Do you have questions about how to set up security for your parcel or sim? We maintain a channel on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) where you can … Continue reading

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Proof that Abuse Reports cause griefers to be banned

You’ve all heard these discouraging words: “Why should I write an AR? Linden Lab never responds. They let the griefers do whatever they want.” We have provided multiple examples to the contrary in this blog, like this one and this … Continue reading

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Recent griefer attacks show Hal Jordan as the object creator

On May 23, 2014, the headquarters parcel of The Green Lanterns was visited by three avatars: Contbach (draig.norse) and two others. Contbach, whose account is more than 7 years old in Second Life (!), rezzed more than 30 objects on … Continue reading

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Linden Lab Governance in action

On April 7, 2014, the “Goon Squad” filled several sandboxes with objects emitting particle spam and dialog spam, and peacekeeper groups swung into action to write Abuse Reports. We know that Linden Lab does respond to ARs, because we have … Continue reading

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LL bestows enforcement powers upon The Green Lanterns

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Effective immediately, The Green Lanterns of Second Life have been given enforcement powers on the Second Life grid. Contact was made with the superhero group on Monday, January 6, where the cooperative measure was discussed. The Game Gods were responding to a … Continue reading

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Investigating a rape tool in Second Life

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Recently a friend was describing a horrific experience with a scripted male attachment called the ONDUTY Penis. She was desperate to spread the word about this device due to the pain and anguish it caused her and others. I found that our … Continue reading

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